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Trinity Energy Group Land Services

Trinity's Leadership


John L. Solomon - Founder and President


John Solomon has over 20 years' experience in real estate and corporate law with a specific focus in the oil and gas and telecom industries. After receiving B.S. in Business Administration from Murray State University and then his law degree from the University of Kentucky, Mr. Solomon was in private practice in Lexington, Kentucky for two years before moving to the Washington D.C. area where he continued to practice primarily in the real estate area.  Thereafter, he held the office of executive director of a large marketing company for four years that was later named the "Fastest Growing Privately-Held Company in America" by Inc. Magazine.  In 1998, John managed the title administration of a large, multistate fiber optic right-of-way project and has worked in the oil and gas, telecom and alternative energy industries ever since.  He has worked as a contract field landman, held the position of crew chief over several successful projects in the Appalachian and Illinois basins, has owned and operated a successful landman brokerage firm, and has and continues to successfully facilitate the purchase and sale of large lease plays and drilling projects.

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Trinity Energy Group Land Services

Simply stated, the Mission of Trinity Energy Land Services is to fill our clients’ needs. We intend to establish the “high water mark” in the services we provide for our clients against which all other providers will be measured.


The primary factors that enable Trinity Energy Land Services to accomplish our mission are first, the decades of diversified experience that our management team brings to each client, and second, our ability to deliver a higher level of service in each of the many different land management disciplines.


Our approach is rooted in a steadfast commitment to deliver our services in the most cost and time efficient manner possible. To that end, Trinity goes beyond delivery of the typical “core” land title and leasing services by also providing more specialized services, such as pro-active accounting practices, reporting templates customizable to each client to enable them to stay fully informed on each project’s progress in “real time”, digital and hard copy records management, state of the art mapping, due diligence expertise and project management and review and much more. 

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Trinity Energy Group Inc.

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Victor Roma, VP of Investments
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